FullSizeRender (17)Short-list of exceptional reads that make-the-case for Hindu-Jewish solidarity & India-Israel alliance:

“No Country Has More Friends Of Israel Than … India?” (August 2014) by David B. Cohen: 

“India, the country with the second-largest Muslim population in the world, a country with more Muslims than Egypt and Iran combined, a country whose government has consistently sided against Israel over the past six and a half decades … has more supporters of Israel than any other country in the world. More than the United States. More than Israel…

There is a great point of compatibility between Hindus and Jews: Neither group seeks converts, and both find themselves outnumbered — and often besieged — by those that do. There are other commonalities as well…both groups revere education. The flip side is that Hindus and Jews each have a group of overeducated leftists who appear to be ashamed of who they are, and, through their chronic and conspicuous self-flagellation, seem eager to please people who despise them. Perhaps that’s a self-destructive mutation of the survival instinct that both groups developed through millennia of persecution.

“India and Israel: Common Allies, Common Targets” (July 2008) by Dr. Richard L. Benkin:  http://www.interfaithstrength.com/images/India&Israel.htm

“Along with the United States, India and Israel are the nations most prominently in the crosshairs of Islamists everywhere. Superficially, the two countries could not differ more: population, area, poverty levels, urbanization, and so forth. Their more essential commonalities, however, make them natural allies against the same enemies: genocidal Islamists from the outside; and a politically ascendant moral weakness from the inside.

They came into being within a year of each other shortly after World War II. Both waged a protracted resistance against European occupiers, which along with the post war collapse of the British Empire won both peoples independence on their ancient soils. Neither birth was without trauma, however. Both nations faced partition demands from South Asian Middle Eastern Muslims who refused to live under Hindu or Jewish leadership. Though it was a blatantly racist demand, the international community capitulated and offered to partition the new countries. While it did not even debate the legitimacy of these Muslim demands, we can only imagine how it would have reacted if the situations were reversed and Jews and Hindus refused to live in Muslim countries. Quite differently if history is any guide…”


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HISTORIC HINDU JEWISH DECLARATION: “Swami Dayananda Saraswati organized the first Hindu-Jewish meet in February 2007 at New Delhi…aimed at highlighting common cultural features and common philosophies…while gladly accepting the differences.”

“Declaration of the Second Hindu-Jewish Leadership Summit” (February 2008), an initiative of the World Council of Religious Leaders (WCROL) to promote understanding and mutual respect between the Rabbinic leadership and the major Religious leaders of The Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha:


“Decolonizing the Future” (April 2016, Israel Rising) by David Mark: http://www.israelrising.com/decolonizing-the-future/

“…The future of Israel, India, Kurdistan, and East Africa have become unexpectedly intertwined.

East Africa, Israel, and India were all former British colonies.  Israel and India gained their independence the same year and Kenya became independent in 1963, with other East African states following suit shortly after. These former colonies are homes to ancient cultures oppressed both by Arab or Muslim radicals as well as White European Christians…

The rise of real partnerships, based on mutual trust, parallel histories, and common aspirations is scary to Europeans who are being left out as their continent falls into the abyss and is likewise threatening to the Arab and Radical Islamic movement that suffers the greatest when it appears weak to its followers.”

“Israel-India Alliance is the Real Global Gamechanger” (December 2016, Israel Rising) by Micha Gefen:

“With a billion people in India, making it the largest democracy in the world, Israel finds a partner that has no in built nor cultural hint of anti-Semitism (Jews have been living in India for 2000 years) and fights against the same past and present enemies as itself. Through technology and military partnerships as well long time cultural connections the two countries are set to impact the globe way beyond their regions. It is the ultimate partnership that will shake the global order currently controlled by the US, Britain, EU, China, and Russia.”

“Re-constructing the role of Mandir critical for Hinduism in US: Dr. Richard Benkin” (August 2015, NewsGram) by Nithin Sridhar: http://www.newsgram.com/re-constructing-the-attitude-and-the-role-of-the-mandir-will-be-critical-for-hinduism-in-us-dr-richard-benkin/

Interview from 2015 with Dr. Richard Benkin, activist and author. The interview was part of a series on “Hinduism in US: Present and Future.” In the discussion, Dr. Benkin addresses, among other topics: the perception of Hindus in America; parallels between the Hindu and Jewish diaspora communities in the US insofar as how each is similarly set apart from the dominant religion & cultural norm; and similar challenges both communities must navigate with respect to maintaining their traditions, cultural identity and solidarity … and also welcoming necessary assimilation.

Notable public figures & organizations (who focus on or support Hindu-Jewish solidarity efforts and/or Israel-India alliance work):

India Israel Connect (Facebook page with in-depth and very current news relating to issues important to India, Israel and the nations’ important connections & alliance. Facebook group run by Anjan Sengupta associated with IIC.

India in Israel  (Twitter feed associated with the embassy in New Delhi, dedicated to promoting good relations, economic growth and friendship between the State of Israel and India)

StandWithUs India (part of larger StandWithUs org)

Hindu-Jewish Coalition (org)

Indo-Judaic, Inc.: “the address for Jewish life in South Asia”

Interfaith Strength: “a web site devoted to strengthening the bonds of understanding among people of different faiths. This international effort has grown out of Richard Benkin’s growing love of and admiration for the Hindu community here in the United States and in South Asia.”

The Hindu Struggle Committee

Daniel Carmon, Israel’s Ambassador to India and Sri Lanka

Anjan SenguptaIndia Israel Connect (author & activist)

The late Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswati

Dr. Nathan Katz (author, etc.):

*Please click here for Dr. Katz’s bio and a link to his chapter “An Introduction to Judaism for Hindus.”

David B. Cohen (author, etc.): click here to find him on Twitter

Aravindan Neelakandan (author & activist): click here to find him on Facebook; click here to find him on Twitter; click here for a listing of his articles on Swarajya

Dr. Richard L. Benkin (author & activist): click here for his Facebook page

Resources on Hinduism & India:

The following are recommended publications (media sites) with high-quality and in-depth of coverage of issues relating to India, Hinduism and beyond:

(1) Swarajya: “a big tent for liberal right of centre discourse that reaches out, engages and caters to the new India.”

(2) IndiaFactsIndiaFacts is a platform for serious enquiry and discussion on dharma, comparative religion, cross-civilizational issues, Indology, and India-related topics. It aims to provide a counter to the mainstream media narrative about India.”

(3) MyIndMakers: MyIndMakers is a New Age Media Company established in 2015 to enable the exchange of Global Ideas and Solutions … United States of America, as the worlds first and most efficient democracy and India as the largest and most complex, have so much to offer to the rest of the Listening and Aspiring world.”

Pro-India/Hindu Advocacy Organizations:

Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (World Hindu Council of America)

Hindu American Foundation (HAF)


Recommended Reads (books and academic research):

Breaking India by Rajiv Malhotra & Aravindan Neelakandan

Resources on Judaism & Israel:

The following are recommended publications (media sites) with high-quality and in-depth of coverage of issues relating to Israel, Judaism and beyond:

(1) The Algemeiner: “The fastest growing Jewish newspaper in America, the NEW Algemeiner serves as a valiant media voice addressing the most compelling issues of our time, with vision, integrity and moral clarity.”

(2) Arutz Sheva (also known in English as Israel National News): “an Israeli media network identifying with Religious Zionism. It offers online news in Hebrew, English, and Russian, including 24-hour updated text news, live streaming radio, video and free podcasts. It also publishes a weekly newspaper, B’Sheva, with the third-largest weekend circulation in the country.”

(3) Israel Rising: “Israel Rising is your voice on the frontlines of redemption with exclusive daily content from the Land of Israel. Israel Rising is the Voice of the Jewish Revolution. Mixing in-depth content, the site covers the stories behind the news.” 



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Pro-Israel Advocacy Organizations:



Zionist Organization of America

Israel’s Voice

Recommended blogs on Israel and Judaism:

FirstOneThrough: Israel Analysis

Elder of Ziyon: Israel News


Recommended Reads (books and academic research):

The History of the Jews by Paul Johnson

In Ishmael’s House by Martin Gilbert

Who Are the Jews of India? by Dr. Nathan Katz

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