“Do you want India-Pakistan enmity to turn like Israel and Palestine, and fight for ages?” – Om Puri

As the India-Pakistan conflict continues to develop, it is unfortunate — yet also predictable — that individuals of certain leanings would eventually throw out the alarmist “anything but creating another Israel-Palestine” situation to try to deter India from acting righteously.  Watch what happens on the world-stage insofar as how Israel is perceived, and you’ll eventually see the same type of treatment shaping up about India.

image1-4The “anything but…” statement is infused with all of the grossly misinformed rhetoric that has shaped the way so many across the world see the Israel-Palestine conflict, i.e., that the blame for the ongoing statemate lies equally with players on both sides, that both side’s leaders are accountable to the same extent and degree — ethically and historically — for the deadlock. Or, as so often is the case, that Israel’s necessary, justifiable and righteous actions of self-defense are painted instead as aggressive and inhumane; its exercises in sovereignty (ones that — if taken by any other nation — wouldn’t even cause a blip on the radar in media coverage) construed — with little if any objection — as the obstacles to peace.  Whether it is intellectual laziness or something more insidious (don’t get me started) that is the cause for such conclusions, tireless efforts are in constant motion to counter this fraudulent narrative.

In the end, it’s important that the Israel-Palestine issue be understood around the world on much more honest terms.  However, it is particularly important — in fact, I argue that it’s absolutely critical — that the fraudulent narrative leading to “anything but…” not take root within the dynamics of perception of the India-Pakistan conflict.  And here’s why:  it is not just that these two situations happen to have very similar dynamics; it is that the root of both conflicts is the same.

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CRITICAL READ: “Jinnah, Iqbal, Mufti And Hitler: Anti-Semitism In Pakistan Is As Old As The Idea Of Pakistan Itself” by  Aravindan Neelakandan

Unless we all understand and accept that the forces that created Pakistan and Palestine were the same, we’ve missed something huge.  And we’ve missed an opportunity to support and strengthen the key alliance between Israel and India — an alliance that can not only serve to help end each of their own conflicts, but that can also be the turn-key to help reshape how the larger global community sees the threat of terrorism…and which actors on the world stage are truly operating righteously and with the highest regard for all humanity in the fight against it.