An excellent Op-Ed by Shipan Kumar Basu that offers great historical context and on-point and urgent perspective as to the dire situation of Hindus in Bangladesh:

“Hindus, other minorities facing survival crisis in Bangladesh”: HFS President

“Demographic Changes: Is Bengal Sitting On A Volcano?”: Defeating the Islamist forces and their allies like the TMC will require tremendous will and tremendous Hindu unity within Bengal

June 20, 2016:

“…the cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh is a systematic affair and the Bangladesh Government is allegedly involved in this heinous task…It has spilled over into West Bengal, India…

[R. Benkin is working with] three groups struggling for their national independence from Pakistani occupation. Two are Sunni Muslim (Baloch and Pashtun); one is Sindhi.”

June 30, 2016:

“Are those who passively allow our enemies a safe haven and ideological cover any less responsible for their crimes than the terrorists themselves?…

[from R. Benkin:] In November 2015, my associates in Bangladesh identified a house in the capital of Dhaka as a center of nascent ISIS activity. After confirming the allegations, I took the information to several people here and in India, who all had the same basic response: ‘Don’t be an alarmist.’”

June 30, 2016:“We know that in both, Pakistan and Bangladesh religious minorities have been facing a slow but sure extinction through systematic persecution. The Pakistan army itself has indulged in such inhuman violence in the past…” – Aravindan Neelakandan

July 2, 2016:

“…the kaffiyeh — the red-and-white chequered version which is referred to as an ‘Arab rumal’ or ‘Arab gamchha’ by Muslims in India…They identify it with Islam and the Arab origin of their faith.”

July 2, 2016:

“According to witnesses a group of seven Islamist radicals stormed the cafe yesterday evening armed with assault weapons, pistols and ‘sharp objects’ before taking more than 30 people hostage. The terrorists then hacked 20 people to death, sparing only those who could recite the Koran…”

July 6, 2016…/bangladeshi-hindu-communit…

“The Hindu Struggle Committee recently sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu via Mendi Safadi, the head of the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy and Public Relations, on behalf of the Hindu community in Bangladesh, where they called for the State of Israel to establish a strong relationship with them.

The Hindu Struggle Committee strongly condemned the radical Islamists and emphasized that both communities have the same enemies: ‘It’s most unfortunate that the Islamists, their apologists and supporters as well as the hostile Middle Eastern and Muslim majority nations have been committing all types of heinous crimes against Jews and the State of Israel.  These groups have been consistent in using hateful terminology and labels against Jews and Israel and using quotes from the Quran to justify the scapegoating and attacks on Jews and Hindus in Bangladesh and India. There is not a single type of crime remaining as residue that the Muslim Brotherhood followers do not commit against Jews and Hindus. As a result, Jews and Hindus have a common adversary, the Islamist groups and their governmental and non-governmental supporters.'”

July 27, 2016

“Leaders in Pakistan and Bangladesh allow religious radicalization to take place on their soil” – Richard Benkin

August 13, 2016


“…it should be seared in our minds that every day we sit in [our] homes and do nothing, is another day that one more Hindu life is cut short, or turned upside down through violence; another day that a Hindu woman or child is raped, abducted, or forced to convert to Islam. Every day we sit, we consign another human being to that. And I say “we,” because we cannot pretend we don’t know anymore. If my struggle over the past nine years has accomplished anything, it is bringing to light the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi government’s complicity in it.” – Richard Benkin

August 17, 2016…/bangladesh-hindus-denied-crema…/

“It has been alleged that perpetrators Mohammad Zia Chowdhury and Rafiqul Islam put an embargo constructing houses on the roads towards cremation ground and Mata Kali Temple of Hindus causing serious disorder in the area. The reason behind this sudden move was to block Hindus from exercising their right to cremate.

After protests by Hindus in different parts of the area the local administration woke up from their slumber and started removing obstacles for cremation.”

August 27, 2016:

“Three extremists, including the suspected mastermind of the July 1 attack on a café that killed 22 people, were gunned down when police stormed a militant hideout on the outskirts of Dhaka on Saturday, officials said.”