Updates from last month’s “Take Action”

Urge Your Senators to Support Direct Negotiations and Not Imposed Solutions: http://www.aipac.org/act/contact-congress/back-a-two-state-solution

The Senate resolution is in limbo. Help move this measure forward by:

(1) Contacting your Senators if you haven’t already done so to ask for their support:

//On Dec. 23, the United States abstained, and thereby failed to veto a one-sided, anti-Israel United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution. This action, UNSC Resolution 2334, hinders the peace process by seeking to impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict instead of supporting an agreement reached through direct, bilateral negotiations. On Jan. 4, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced a bipartisan resolution in the Senate that expresses opposition to UNSC Resolution 2334 and calls for it to be repealed or significantly altered. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and Ranking Member Eliot Engel (D-NY) introduced a similar bipartisan resolution in the House of Representatives. Please urge your senators to support this resolution.//

**Read the text of the resolution here.

(2) Taking action to stop obstructionism by Senator Dick Durbin:

Senate Whip Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) is holding up “a key congressional initiative to rebuke the United Nations following its recent action against Israel.” Advocates for Israel took action to call the Senator out on his obstructionist tactic with more “than a thousand pro-Israel supporters from across the country bombard[ing] the offices of … Durbin with phone calls.” Are you a pro-Israel supporter who wants to see Senator Durbin stop digging in his heels for the self-serving interest in upholding a tired, untruthful narrative, instead of allowing a vote on an honorable measure that has strong bipartisan support?  Contact Senator Durbin’s office at 202.224.2152 and ask him to release his unconscionable hold.

Happy to have supported Artists 4 Israel’s “Art Over War!” collection: https://www.facebook.com/StandWithUs/videos/10154335434437689/

image1 (10).JPG

I just received my “UNAcceptable” shirt from  Artists 4 Israel … and just in time it seems because it looks like all the collection pieces are now all sold out.

//In the aftermath of the absurd UN resolution against Israel, Artists 4 Israel and One948: Israel and Jewish-themed Apparel are team[ed] up with a new initiative … The ‘Art Over War’ collection is limited to 2,334 pieces. 50% of the proceeds go to funding the next Artists for Israel trip. A4I plans to bring the world’s greatest muralists to the Israel border of Syria and paint giant works of art for the people living there.//

Make the media accountable for accurate reporting; the Sydney Morning Herald must correctly state Israel’s capital as Jerusalem: http://honestreporting.com/smh-digs-in-heels-over-israeli-capital/ 

Success: http://honestreporting.com/success-sydney-morning-herald-backs-down-after-hr-takes-action/

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Here are some of the latest ways you can take action to show your support for Israel

Call for action from Israel Under Fire: “Please share your support for Fordham U on Facebook http://bit.ly/2ki7tKd or Twitter http://bit.ly/2j4iW2S.  Please also contact your own college or university to check whether the SJP has a chapter there.”

//Fordham University should be commended for rejecting the establishment of a chapter of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) because the SJP’s “political focus makes it more akin to a lobbying group than a student club” and because of the “risk of polarization” at the university.

The SJP is one of the largest anti-Israel organizations on campus with chapters in over 160 colleges and universities. Lately, the SJP has increased its extremism as in the case of Nerdeen Kiswani, the head of the New York chapter of SJP who supported the celebrations in Gaza following the #TerrorTruck attack in Jerusalem claiming “these celebratory actions are what keep the resistance moving forward, they are what keep it alive” and that they are the “biggest F you” to Israel.

Other colleges and universities should follow Fordham in banning SJP chapters if they promote extremism and glorify terrorism.
#IsraelUnderFire, #SJPTerror, #FordhamBansSJP//

Support “The Youth of 1948 Project” – Documentary: www.facebook.com/Youthof1948Project

source: The Youth of 1948 Project – Documentary

 //Noemi Schlosser is currently interviewing the ‘Youth of 1948’ the men and women who build the State of Israel. She travels with her camera across the State to talk to these men and women who were part of the Hagana and the Palmach, who survived the siege of Jerusalem and were working the land as kibbutsnikim. These interviews will be donated to the National Library of Jerusalem for archival purposes. A new website will be created with photographic portraits by New York photographer AVIVA KLEIN, sharing with you their anecdotes from these historic times, seen from the kitchen, the refugee camp, the kibbuts, the battlefield and the coffee shops of Ben yehuda in Tel Aviv. The portraits will also be a travelling photo exhibit.

“We had nothing, but we were happy. We were not thinking about our personal future. We were building a future for all… Bigger than ourselves. We build our country”//

Like and share the Facebook Page for the project to keep apprised of its progress and ways you can engage to support it.  If you know anyone who was in Palestine/Israel during the British Mandate and War of Independence who would want to share their story for the documentary, contact  Noemi Schlossero to schedule an interview Youthof1948Project@gmail.com.

Sign here to petition University of California Chancellors – Implement principles against intolerance on all UC campuses: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3328430/UC-Chancellors-Implement-Principles-Against-Intolerance 

//Last March, in response to the alarming escalation of anti-Semitism at the University of California, the UC Regents unanimously passed a landmark “Statement of Principles Against Intolerance.”  In the current climate of increasing polarization and rising levels of hatred and intolerance, it is not only Jewish students that are being targeted for harm, but many other students as well. 

Recently, 47 organizations sent a letter to the Regents regarding the serious and growing problem of intolerance on UC campuses.  We are gravely concerned that students of diverse identities and beliefs are feeling increasingly threatened.

On too many campuses, one group’s freedom of expression has been used to denigrate, harass, intimidate and shut down the expression of another group. Debate is veering into hate.

We believe the landmark Regents Statement of Principles Against Intolerance couldn’t be more relevant, timely and important for all UC students. Implementing these Principles would ensure that policies and procedures are put in place to safeguard all students’ rights to freedom of expression, and that educational programs are developed to help students identify and avoid intolerant behavior.//

Hold UNRWA Accountable for its Racist Teachers; please SIGN and SHARE out this important petition: https://www.change.org/p/hold-unrwa-accountable-for-its-racist-teachers

A new 2017 UN Watch report exposes the UNRWA school system as a hotbed of extremism.

Dozens of school teachers at UNRWA schools in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Gaza have made public Facebook posts praising Nazism and supporting terrorist attacks against civilians. This has created a toxic environment for Palestinian children, violating their right to a normal education.

Demand your government’s funding for these schools be frozen until:

1. UNRWA fires its anti-Semitic teachers.
2. The U.N. conducts a full, independent commission of inquiry into the systemic extremism that plagues UNRWA schools.

In 2016, the U.S. State Department gave UNRWA $380 million, the European Union gave $136 million, and the United Kingdom gave $100 million. Why are they silent as UNRWA officials incite anti-Semitism and terrorism?

More info:  www.unwatch.org/130-page-report-unrwa-teachers-incite-terrorism-antisemitism/