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Resources RE: Opposition to Reza Aslan’s “Believer” on CNN

Link to show info. on CNN:

Link to Facebook discussion to follow post-episode:


 Opposition statements & action items from Hindu organizations and articles RE: the episode

“Cannibals and Corpses: CNN’s Believer is Reckless, Racist and Dangerously Anti-Immigrant” by Vamsee Juluri:

“CNN under fire for depicting Hindus as cannibals” from Israel’s Voice

“Reza Aslan’s CNN ‘Believer’ Criticized for Falsely Portraying Hindu Culture and Systematic Hinduphobia” from The Chakra


Statement from Ajay Shah, Convener, American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD):AHADstatement.jpg


Petition of protest at “India Petitions” in support of AHAD statement:


Petition of protest from Hindu Mahasabha of America Inc.: 


Statement from Hindu American Foundation (HAF):


Podcast from MyIndMakers, one topic on which is the anti-Hindu biases in the first “Believer” episode  //Aadit Kapadia, Sunanda Vashisht and Pramod Kumar Buravalli discuss the UP Elections and the possible outcomes. They also talked about the tragic death of Lance Naik Roy Mathew and the irresponsible journalism of The Quint. They finally concluded with a discussion on Reza Aslan’s new show and its anti Hindu biases.//

On Juan Thompson, red herrings and the “willing suspension of disbelief”

A couple of prominent social justice activists of the I stand with “good” Jews who do not support a Jewish state variety have been curiously quiet after the breaking news that Juan M. Thompson, a disgraced journalist, was arrested and charged with making some of the recent threats to Jewish centers and schools.  After giving scathing critiques of Trump (who by certain accounts apparently single-handedly revived anti-Semitism as soon as he took the Oath of Office, despite all the evidence of an unsettling, much earlier, pre-Trump uptick ) for not doing enough to support the Jewish communities and find the perpetrators responsible for a recent slew of attacks on Jews in the U.S., these same activists were suddenly silent when one of the perpetrators of the Jew-hate crimes was found.  Not a peep from Linda Sarsour or Naomi Dann, for instance, about the arrest of Juan M. Thompson.

pictured: Juan Thompson and Maz Hussain

Naomi Dann is an activist who has been a leader in the BDS movement for many years; she is currently on staff of Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP). Dann was interviewed by Juan M. Thompson and his pal and former colleague, Maz Hussain (who has also been tight-lipped about his Thompson connection) back in 2015 in a podcast episode titled “Benjamin Netanyahu’s Never-Ending Fear-Mongering” (part one in the podcast which ends around the 16:50 marker).

“… the anti-Semite goes after the invisible difference (‘the dangerous Jew, the vague Jew,’ in Drumont’s phrase). It inflames and excites the anti-Semite all the more that the imagined Jew is discreet, indiscernible at first glance, and therefore well positioned to carry out the worst and darkest intrigues. This is the story of the persecution of the Marranos in Spain and the tragic error of all Jews who, over the centuries, have chosen to believe that by becoming invisible, by making themselves small, by appearing more genteel than the gentiles, they would off persecution. The opposite happened.”

– Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Genius of Judaism

Sarsour Zionism creepy (1).jpgThompson introduced Naomi Dann at the beginning of the conversation as an old friend from Vassar.  The discussion between the three on the episode pretty much rehashed the standard Israel as the evil oppressor rhetoric floated by the I’m not anti-Semitic, I have a lot of Jewish friends (just not those “creepy” Zionists) progressive crowd. I caught wind of a weird vibe while listening to them speak about Netanyahu’s influence — his “hyperbolic” speech-making style that had those who “tow the line” for him standing and applauding the leader’s plans … the relief they expressed that leaders to the Left were provided with an escape-hatch from the dominating Zionist agenda he and his party were looking to impose on our government.  And then enter groups like JVP who in Naomi’s words are subjects of a “witch hunt” but are in business to work the “moveable middle that we can radicalize on the [Israeli-Palestinian] issue.”


Rasmea Odeh’s bio on the AAAN website lauds her community organizing and human rights work and makes no mention of her involvement in two terrorist bombing incidents or the victims of her attacks.

And speaking of radical agendas, JVP is also the group hosting Linda Sarsour and convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh at their upcoming March conference.  Odeh is a leader in the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) — founded in 1995 by Rashid Khalidi, the same anti-Israel academic who expressed dismay after Trump’s election that a certain type of Jew would be “infesting” our government, invoking the most cringeworthy anti-semitic, Zionist conspiracy tropes. Odeh, responsible for two bombing attacks, one of which killed two people in an Israeli supermarket is one of the organizers of the upcoming March 8th International Women’s Strike.

Screenshot (145).png
The Women’s March statement of solidarity with the International Women’s Strike organizers, one of whom is convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh.
The Women’s Strike in the U.S. announces on Twitter that JVP will join them in “solidarity” for the March 8th strike.

The Women’s March, with Linda Sarsour as one of the movement’s key national leaders, has indicated support for the platform that Odeh helped develop for the International Women’s Strike agenda. The Women’s March “stands in solidarity with the International Women’s Strike organizers” and have joined the strike as part of the U.S. coalition.  To further connect-the-dots in this part of the progressive narrative, JVP member Rebecca Subar wrote an opinion piece,  applauded by Naomi Dann, that shamelessly used the recent desecration of Jewish cemeteries as a jumping-off point for her to rail against Israel in the name of “solidarity” for what she believes constitutes “human rights.”  

JVP’s Rebecca Subar opens her opinion piece by drawing up her family’s own history with anti-Semitism and the recent desecrated Jewish cemeteries — all just used as exposition props by her to set-up for the anti-Israel story she starts to sell.

Subar praised Sarsour for the campaign she began that raised money to help repair one of the cemeteries — but apparently finds no “human rights” issue with the Women’s March and JVP openly giving voice and support to a woman who led fatal terrorist activities targeting Jews in Israel. Subar has also been quiet on Thompson’s arrest for his threats to Jewish centers and schools; perhaps her idea of “safety for all” does not include an “all” who were victims of an attacker who had been a part of the progressive inner-circle of “solidarity.” And no big surprise that JVP has signed up in “solidarity” to strike with the organizers of the Women’s Strike who include Odeh, a convicted terrorist …

The Global Women’s Strike seeks the support of JVP with a tweet that exposes its anti-Israel agenda and the intent to sell its supporters on the false tale they tell of Israel as the evil oppressor.

or that the Women’s Strike, supported by all of these progressive “sisters” in “solidarity,” is explicit in its anti-Israel aims and pushes the ever-distorted Israel as the oppressor tale on its audience, and continues to pull the wool over the eyes of the under-informed by pointing the finger of blame at the wrong party for the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians. While the Women’s March held in January pretended at neutrality on the Arab-Israeli issue (and pulled a bait-and-switch on the Jewish women leaders in the end), the movement’s next move with the Women’s Strike is very clear regarding its positioning on the issue — and all women should be aware that if you support their efforts, you are also supporting their convoluted, extreme-left anti-Israel objectives. A listen to the interview on Netanyahu that Juan M. Thompson did with JVP leader Naomi Gann in 2015 gives you a pretty good idea of the anti-Israel agenda you’d be buying as part of the package if you sign up to strike with the women running this show.

Screenshot (138).png
Tweet by SPLC following the breaking news of Juan M. Thompson’s arrest for threats directed toward the Jewish community. SLPC later deleted this tweet.

There are those who have piped up about Thompson.  And their words have been as revealing as others’ silence.  The Southern Poverty Law Center took to Twitter to comment on the arrest of Thompson.  Rather than condemning his actions and applauding that one of the perpetrators of the recent attacks on the Jewish community had been caught, their initial reaction was instead to try to hush up the very mention of anti-Semitism as a motive, tweeting that “Thompson’s motivation seems to have been to implicate a former girlfriend in the JCC threats, not necessarily anti-Semitism.” SPLC later deleted this tweet, trying to explain it away by saying that they had mentioned the perpetrator’s “own alleged excuse” for making the threats. It is very telling that they chose not to mention that their first-response favored the attacker’s version of events, rather than his victims’ — and that they chose not to offer an apology but instead excused their initial knee-jerk apologia. They also chose to pointedly note (clearly with an intention to underplay the significance of Thompson’s crime, and not out of sincere concern for the Jewish community) in a subsequent tweet that “The person or persons responsible for the majority of the JCC threats is still at large.”

Among others who jumped on the personal vendetta, not anti-Semitic attack motive angle of the story in their first reporting was The Forward, a Jewish publication that many seem to have noticed appears to be leaning so far left as of late that they will no doubt soon topple completely over into the progressive-speak echo chamber.  Josh Nathan-Kaziscoverage of the Thompson case is also quick to minimize the significance of his specific crime targeting Jews, noting that “Thompson appears to have been responsible for only a small fraction of them.” Even worse, Nathan-Kazis goes onto say that Thompson’s motive for threatening Jewish institutions, i.e., that he “intended to frame the woman he was stalking, and, in other cases, to make it look like this woman was trying to frame him,” actually “makes sense if you’re crazy.”  In other words, Thompson was not a Jew-hater … just a “crazy” stalker involved in a “bizarre” set of events.

And how does The Forward go on to explain how Thompson’s crime fits in with “the nationwide wave of bomb threats”?  Well, apparently the nature of his crime falls into the pay no attention to the man behind the curtain category. His motive cannot be determined to be anti-Semitic; he “just used the apparently anti-Semitic attacks of others to further his own scheme of harassment.”

Screenshot (153).png
Screenshots from Tayla Zax’s series of tweets on what she calls Juan M. Thompson’s “actions,” which she implies were the fault of Trump.

It’s pretty clear the convenient but unconscionable side-step The Forward is choosing to make in their coverage. It seems that willful ignorance for the sake of broader acceptance is a powerful force for them to reckon with. And sometimes when the details don’t fit the narrative you want to tell, the story line can take stranger twists … as in the case of a series of tweets by Forward’s fellow, Tayla Zax — which suggest that Thompson’s crime was really all Trump’s fault in the end. Zax goes so far to evade the obvious that she even posits that Trump’s sexism may have spurred Thompson’s “actions.” Is Zax making the case misogyny was the motive behind Thompson’s crime? Who knows? That certainly may have played a role. But this would have us believe that it was insignificant that the Jewish community was the target of his crime — however convoluted his motives may have been. It would have us pretend that he could have chosen just any group. Except that he didn’t.

What all these people must know on some level but refuse to say is this:  Juan Thompson’s motives may have been to exact revenge — or any number of other motivations may have factored in. But …his method was to dehumanize Jews, inciting terror in a community without a care to how his actions affected the Jewish people … his targets were obviously so less than human to him; Jews were clearly only a prop in a sick scheme. The fact that he so callously and cruelly used the Jewish community in this way is the most telling sign of the anti-Semitic nature of his crime. And here’s the part in the plot a lot of people seem to skip right past: Trump doesn’t “win” if you call out those who act on hate on your own side of the aisle … but if you don’t call it out, hate wins. And innocent targets of that hate? Well, they lose.

“This anti-Zionism is not mere criticism of Israel as a nation state, or of the nationalist ideology that inspired its creation. It is an adaptive group libel that in its range of rhetorical charges and physical targets reveals itself to be a fundamentally anti- Semitic creation in anti-racist guise. It has ourished in our supposedly post-anti- Semitic age, until mainstream Jewish communities (and their sympathisers) are condemned as reactionaries and apologists for oppression.”

“‘The Zionists are our Misfortune’: On the (not so) new Antisemitism,” Mark Gardner

Rather than try to actually do something to address Jew-hate in one of its iterations, some people seem to prefer red herrings that lead us further away from addressing the roots of such bigotry … and thus we miss opportunities to be preventative instead of always reactionary to the harm this hate can cause. They do this at their peril … but sadly at so many others’, too. The question is:  how many in “the moveable middle” will march further into the radical drama that requires that certain type of “willing suspension of disbelief” … that makes believe those sinister anti-Semites only exist on the other side the aisle?

“On Friday, Feb. 21, 1969, my dad’s brother, Edward Joffe, and his best friend, Leon Kanner, went to the supermarket Supersol at the intersection of Agron and Hamelech George in Jerusalem to make some purchases for a botany department excursion. As they approached the meat counter, an explosive device, a biscuit can filled with five kilograms of dynamite, which had been placed there by Rasmieh Yousef Odeh and Ayesha Oudeh, was suddenly detonated, and Eddie and Leon were both instantly killed.

And so again I ask the supporters of Rasmieh Yousef Odeh:  At what point will you stop defending her?”

The *progressive* arming of “the new guise of the oldest form of hate”

“The problem is not how to determine, as you hear in the media, whether you have ‘the right’ to criticize Israel or whether it is possible to be ‘anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic.’ The truth is that one can now be anti-Semitic only by being anti-Zionist; anti-Zionism is the required path for any anti-Semitism that wishes to expand its recruiting pool beyond those still nostalgic for the discredited brotherhoods.

The question is no longer simply whether the Holocaust deniers are sincere or perverse, ill informed or fully aware of manipulating historical sources: The suggestion of Jewish trafficking in memory; the accusation of inventing, exaggerating, or simply exploiting the hypothetical suffering of one’s own people; the idea that the Jews might be profiteers not of war but of the Holocaust, obsessively cultivating their memories for the sole aim of covering up their own crimes—all of these offer anti-Semitism a new reserve of good conscience and innocence.”

The Genius of Judaism by Bernard-Henri Lévy


image2Linda Sarsour, organizer of the Women’s March, called Yousef Munayyer’s piece in Time magazine (checked here by HonestReporting for its bias and outright display of dishonesty on the issue) a “thought provoking read.” She has also failed to condemn the dangerous incitement of a fellow anti-Israel activist who is a Hezbollah supporter and supports the total annihilation of the Jewish state.
Through her complicity to the hate and incitement, further sanctioned through silence within her larger social circle, she is succeeding in norming what Lévy calls “the new guise of the oldest form of hate” …img_4470

image1and drawing members of the *progressive* glitterati in Hollywood & D.C. (along with the *go-along-to-get-along* group) to her fan club — and into the atrocious propaganda-spewing machinery with the unconscionable ruse she’s selling.


image1CAMERA on Campus reports that Sarsour will also be taking part in Jewish Voice for Peace’s Upcoming National Conference in Chicago on March 31 to April 2nd. JVP, as described by CAMERA on Campus is a “misnamed anti-Israel organization” that “plays a significant role in stirring up anti-Israel rhetoric. JVP supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel, supports Students for Justice in Palestine events including Israel Apartheid Week, and calls for an end to U.S. military aid to Israel.” The Anti-Defamation League “has asserted that JVP’s role in the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) effort is to provide the movement with a ‘veneer of legitimacy’ and camouflage against identification as antisemitic.” Sarsour will share the anti-Israel spotlight at the JVP conference with speaker Rasmea Odeh, a convicted Palestinian terrorist and “member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a U.S.-designated terrorist group.”

Any news outlets that promote Linda Sarsour’s *social justice* agenda and applaud her activism without explicitly acknowledging the dangerous hypocrisy that comes along with these so-called “good deeds” … need to be called out and condemned … in the interest of #honestreporting and for the sake of humanity.

As Hezbollah threatens Israel again, will Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour condemn anti-Israel extremist and Hezbollah supporter she has ties to?

Abbas Hamideh
Abbas Hamideh

Abbas Hamideh, an anti-Israel extremist and Hezbollah supporter who is connected to Linda Sarsour, an organizer of the Women’s March and fellow anti-Israel activist, retweeted a tweet from a poster praising recent threats by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah directed toward the Jewish state; and several commenters on the tweet shared his admiration for the leader and his statements. Hamideh also tweeted that “Nasrallah just put the Israel terrorist entity on notice” with his most recent threats to strike anywhere in the country and to hit Israel’s nuclear reactor.

Isr.Hez.3Israel has called on the United Nation’s Security Council to “‘publicly condemn’ Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s recent threat to strike vital infrastructure sites in Israel in a future war … Earlier this week, Nasrallah warned that his organization — an Iran-backed Lebanese Shiite terrorist group — was capable of striking the ammonia storage facilities in Haifa and the nuclear installation in Dimona with missiles.”

Abbas Hamideh is organizing and promoting the upcoming rally in Washington D.C. on March 26th to support (what he calls) Palestine and to protest AIPAC, whose annual policy conference starts the same day.

Will Linda Sarsour condemn her ally’s open support of threats of violence against Israel? Or continue to let such hateful and dangerous incitement go unchecked? Will all of the newfound members of her fan club on the left hold her accountable … or sanction her unconscionable silence with their own?


Take action to support Israel (February 2017)

Updates from last month’s “Take Action”

Urge Your Senators to Support Direct Negotiations and Not Imposed Solutions:

The Senate resolution is in limbo. Help move this measure forward by:

(1) Contacting your Senators if you haven’t already done so to ask for their support:

//On Dec. 23, the United States abstained, and thereby failed to veto a one-sided, anti-Israel United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution. This action, UNSC Resolution 2334, hinders the peace process by seeking to impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict instead of supporting an agreement reached through direct, bilateral negotiations. On Jan. 4, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced a bipartisan resolution in the Senate that expresses opposition to UNSC Resolution 2334 and calls for it to be repealed or significantly altered. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and Ranking Member Eliot Engel (D-NY) introduced a similar bipartisan resolution in the House of Representatives. Please urge your senators to support this resolution.//

**Read the text of the resolution here.

(2) Taking action to stop obstructionism by Senator Dick Durbin:

Senate Whip Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) is holding up “a key congressional initiative to rebuke the United Nations following its recent action against Israel.” Advocates for Israel took action to call the Senator out on his obstructionist tactic with more “than a thousand pro-Israel supporters from across the country bombard[ing] the offices of … Durbin with phone calls.” Are you a pro-Israel supporter who wants to see Senator Durbin stop digging in his heels for the self-serving interest in upholding a tired, untruthful narrative, instead of allowing a vote on an honorable measure that has strong bipartisan support?  Contact Senator Durbin’s office at 202.224.2152 and ask him to release his unconscionable hold.

Happy to have supported Artists 4 Israel’s “Art Over War!” collection:

image1 (10).JPG

I just received my “UNAcceptable” shirt from  Artists 4 Israel … and just in time it seems because it looks like all the collection pieces are now all sold out.

//In the aftermath of the absurd UN resolution against Israel, Artists 4 Israel and One948: Israel and Jewish-themed Apparel are team[ed] up with a new initiative … The ‘Art Over War’ collection is limited to 2,334 pieces. 50% of the proceeds go to funding the next Artists for Israel trip. A4I plans to bring the world’s greatest muralists to the Israel border of Syria and paint giant works of art for the people living there.//

Make the media accountable for accurate reporting; the Sydney Morning Herald must correctly state Israel’s capital as Jerusalem: 


Enter a caption


Here are some of the latest ways you can take action to show your support for Israel

Call for action from Israel Under Fire: “Please share your support for Fordham U on Facebook or Twitter  Please also contact your own college or university to check whether the SJP has a chapter there.”

//Fordham University should be commended for rejecting the establishment of a chapter of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) because the SJP’s “political focus makes it more akin to a lobbying group than a student club” and because of the “risk of polarization” at the university.

The SJP is one of the largest anti-Israel organizations on campus with chapters in over 160 colleges and universities. Lately, the SJP has increased its extremism as in the case of Nerdeen Kiswani, the head of the New York chapter of SJP who supported the celebrations in Gaza following the #TerrorTruck attack in Jerusalem claiming “these celebratory actions are what keep the resistance moving forward, they are what keep it alive” and that they are the “biggest F you” to Israel.

Other colleges and universities should follow Fordham in banning SJP chapters if they promote extremism and glorify terrorism.
#IsraelUnderFire, #SJPTerror, #FordhamBansSJP//

Support “The Youth of 1948 Project” – Documentary:

source: The Youth of 1948 Project – Documentary

 //Noemi Schlosser is currently interviewing the ‘Youth of 1948’ the men and women who build the State of Israel. She travels with her camera across the State to talk to these men and women who were part of the Hagana and the Palmach, who survived the siege of Jerusalem and were working the land as kibbutsnikim. These interviews will be donated to the National Library of Jerusalem for archival purposes. A new website will be created with photographic portraits by New York photographer AVIVA KLEIN, sharing with you their anecdotes from these historic times, seen from the kitchen, the refugee camp, the kibbuts, the battlefield and the coffee shops of Ben yehuda in Tel Aviv. The portraits will also be a travelling photo exhibit.

“We had nothing, but we were happy. We were not thinking about our personal future. We were building a future for all… Bigger than ourselves. We build our country”//

Like and share the Facebook Page for the project to keep apprised of its progress and ways you can engage to support it.  If you know anyone who was in Palestine/Israel during the British Mandate and War of Independence who would want to share their story for the documentary, contact  Noemi Schlossero to schedule an interview

Sign here to petition University of California Chancellors – Implement principles against intolerance on all UC campuses: 

//Last March, in response to the alarming escalation of anti-Semitism at the University of California, the UC Regents unanimously passed a landmark “Statement of Principles Against Intolerance.”  In the current climate of increasing polarization and rising levels of hatred and intolerance, it is not only Jewish students that are being targeted for harm, but many other students as well. 

Recently, 47 organizations sent a letter to the Regents regarding the serious and growing problem of intolerance on UC campuses.  We are gravely concerned that students of diverse identities and beliefs are feeling increasingly threatened.

On too many campuses, one group’s freedom of expression has been used to denigrate, harass, intimidate and shut down the expression of another group. Debate is veering into hate.

We believe the landmark Regents Statement of Principles Against Intolerance couldn’t be more relevant, timely and important for all UC students. Implementing these Principles would ensure that policies and procedures are put in place to safeguard all students’ rights to freedom of expression, and that educational programs are developed to help students identify and avoid intolerant behavior.//

Hold UNRWA Accountable for its Racist Teachers; please SIGN and SHARE out this important petition:

A new 2017 UN Watch report exposes the UNRWA school system as a hotbed of extremism.

Dozens of school teachers at UNRWA schools in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Gaza have made public Facebook posts praising Nazism and supporting terrorist attacks against civilians. This has created a toxic environment for Palestinian children, violating their right to a normal education.

Demand your government’s funding for these schools be frozen until:

1. UNRWA fires its anti-Semitic teachers.
2. The U.N. conducts a full, independent commission of inquiry into the systemic extremism that plagues UNRWA schools.

In 2016, the U.S. State Department gave UNRWA $380 million, the European Union gave $136 million, and the United Kingdom gave $100 million. Why are they silent as UNRWA officials incite anti-Semitism and terrorism?

More info:

Women’s March organizers rescind on assurances of an agenda free of the Arab-Israeli conflict issue

image1 (9).JPG

“Jewish groups [engaging with Women’s March organizers asked] whether the official march would get into the Israeli-Palestine issue. The answer was no — the parts of the platform discussing issues and struggles beyond the immediate definition of women’s rights, will not veer toward the question of Israel.”

– from:

image2-6In her speech at the D.C. march, Linda Sarsour, one of the National Co-Chairs of the March (and undeniably an official representative of its agenda), explicitly brings in the Palestinian issue in the context of the movement.

Angela Davis‘ speech at the D.C. march did as well, and moreover indicated unequivocal alignment of the march’s human rights agenda with a very clear positionality on the Israeli-Palestine issue:

“Women’s rights are human rights all over the planet and that is why we say freedom and justice for Palestine.”

It is not only fair — but also in the best interests of all advocates for women’s rights — to ask the Women’s March organizers to be accountable for explaining why they rescinded on their assurances to Jewish women leaders that the official march would not to get into these issues. And since they did, despite these assurances, it is also fair — and in everyone’s best interests moving forward in their activist work — to ask the Women’s March to clarify if their movement is explicitly aligned with any particular positioning on the Arab-Israeli conflict or not.

Take action to support Israel (January 2017)

Here are some of the latest ways you can take action to show your support for Israel

Urge Your Senators to Support Direct Negotiations and Not Imposed Solutions:

//On Dec. 23, the United States abstained, and thereby failed to veto a one-sided, anti-Israel United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution. This action, UNSC Resolution 2334, hinders the peace process by seeking to impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict instead of supporting an agreement reached through direct, bilateral negotiations. On Jan. 4, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) introduced a bipartisan resolution in the Senate that expresses opposition to UNSC Resolution 2334 and calls for it to be repealed or significantly altered. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and Ranking Member Eliot Engel (D-NY) introduced a similar bipartisan resolution in the House of Representatives. Please urge your senators to support this resolution.//

**Read the text of the resolution here.

Make the media accountable for accurate reporting; the Sydney Morning Herald must correctly state Israel’s capital as Jerusalem:

//In the past week, HonestReporting has achieved numerous corrections concerning stories that incorrectly implied that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital city or center of power and government.

Media outlets that changed their text include The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Independent and Sky News.

When a request was sent to the Sydney Morning Herald, however, the response was a flat refusal to make any correction.

Currently, the story includes the following paragraphs:

If the SMH’s editors are prepared to question our determination, they should be reminded that back in 2012, HonestReporting fought a protracted legal battle against The Guardian for its policy of calling Tel Aviv Israel’s capital. HR ultimately won.

We are prepared to take this to Australia’s Press Council if necessary.

Help us to get the correction. Add your name to our petition.//

Show Hatred the Red Card – ask FIFA to stop Jibril Rajoub’s hateful campaign against Israel:

//For years, the worldwide FIFA council has been the target of a Palestinian bid to expel Israel from the federation and denigrate the Jewish State. Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association (PFA), Jibril Rajoub has led this anti-Israel campaign for months. Rajoub himself has called for using football to pressure and demonize Israel:

“We’ll suspend their [FIFA] membership and this way we’ll screw them… I won’t agree to any joint game between Arabs and Israel.” [Jibril Rajoub on PA TV, July 1, 2013]

Furthermore, the PFA, led by Rajoub has been violating FIFA regulations by glorifying terror – naming football clubs after terrorists and holding matches in honor of terrorists who murdered Israelis …

The PFA also crushes any chance of peace and dialogue by enforcing a policy forbidding any contact and play between Israelis and Palestinians, and penalizing Palestinian football clubs who engage with their Israeli counterparts …

These actions perpetuate violence and bloodshed, rob children of their future, and hurt Israelis and Palestinians alike.//

Protest the anti-Israel bias at University College Cork International Law Conference:

//Another example of shameful hatred and discrimination masquerading as an academic conference: This March, University College Cork in Ireland will host the International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism conference. This conference is being supported by the Law Faculty at UCC.

Of the 47 visiting professors, all but two – Professor Alan Johnson and Professor George Alderman – have a clear record of anti-Israel bias. It is clear this conference has been deliberately set up to ensure pro Israel voices are in a tiny minority – a “fig leaf”, used to mask the blatant bias against the Jewish State, in an effort to delegitimize the State of Israel.

After being rejected by the University of Southampton because of its hateful platform and pernicious demonizing of the State of Israel, the organizers are now seeking to use UCC to spread their hate.

This clear bias damages the image of University College Cork as an academic institution as it deliberately shuts out voices of those it doesn’t agree with and seeks to push an hateful agenda.

Please join us in protesting this shameful event!//

Support Artists 4 Israel’s “Art Over War!” collection:

**See the collection here.

I ordered mine. Which one will you get?

//In the aftermath of the absurd UN resolution against Israel, Artists 4 Israel and One948: Israel and Jewish-themed Apparel are teaming up with a new initiative in which YOU can make a difference for those in need: Art Over War!

Artists 4 Israel took some of the world’s most famous graffiti artists to the border of Syria to stare down the rockets from their civil war. They painted a hospital which Syrian troops had turned into a spy base and which had since been destroyed as well as former Syrian army barracks. Our productions covered over years of hateful graffiti written by Syrian troops against Jewish Israelis with messages of reconciliation and peace.

The ‘Art Over War’ collection is limited to 2,334 pieces. 50% of the proceeds go to funding the next Artists for Israel trip. A4I plans to bring the world’s greatest muralists to the Israel border of Syria and paint giant works of art for the people living there.//

I am a proud supporter of Lev Ha’Olam. This is a picture of the lovely items in the January package that just arrived on our doorstep from Israel’s heartland.

Support the small businesses of Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria:

//We are Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria. After thousands of years in exile, we have returned at last to the Holy Land of our ancestors. We walk in their footsteps; living simply and cultivating the land that G-d gave us. We witness daily miracles, the evidence of the coming redemption, as life springs forth on these once barren hills.

As we plant and build, we face fierce opposition, in the form of economic boycotts, from those who don’t understand the significance and holiness of our struggle.

In order to flourish in this land pioneer families need to be able to maintain their livelihoods, distributing their creations in spite of the boycotts. In this knowledge we created the Package Project, a subscription service that gives you the opportunity to support the families in Judea and Samaria as you receive a monthly package containing unique handcrafted products from the Biblical heartland delivered directly to your door.

Your partnership will make a big difference in the lives of hundreds of small-scale producers, allowing us to continue making the land of Israel bloom once more.//

Hindu-Jewish Alliance & their Supporters – Opposing Rep. Keith Ellison as New DNC Chair


Please read, sign and share this petition:

  • We the undersigned are supporters of strong relations with important U.S. democratic allies, India and Israel;
  • We recognize that the strength of such alliances with these partners, whose governments are exemplars of democratic ideals, depends upon U.S. policy and action that works to respect those nations’ sovereign decisions to protect the security of their citizenries and grow their own national interests;
  • Further, we wish to acknowledge the deep and abiding ties that the Hindu-American and Jewish-American communities have to India and Israel, as well as the the long-standing and loyal support that members of both these communities have given to the Democratic Party in the U.S. political arena;
  • The Hindu and Jewish traditions both hold the values of plurality, inclusivity and egalitarianism in the highest regard and wish to have these values reflected in the words and actions of the leaders who are chosen to represent the United States and its political parties.

With respect to all of the aforementioned, we the undersigned hereby voice our opposition to Representative Keith Ellison’s bid to become the new Chair of The Democratic National Committee.


From the statement by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), December 5, 2016

**Please reference the entire statement at:

//The nation’s largest Hindu American advocacy organization, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), today joined prominent human and civil rights organizations in expressing concerns over the bid by Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) to head the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The Foundation announced that it was disturbed by Rep. Ellison’s decade long legislative activism against India, portraying inter-religious conflicts exclusively as one-sided, with the Hindu majority population depicted only as victimizers and religious minorities as victims. Rep. Ellison’s record of co-sponsoring resolutions, congressional letters and statements countered the interests of many Hindu Americans and the broader Indian American community, HAF leaders said, and also gave a platform to certain activists previously accused of Hinduphobia …

“Surveys confirm that nearly 65 percent of Indian Americans are registered or lean Democrat, so leadership of the DNC is a matter of great importance in further engaging the community,” added Suhag Shukla, HAF’s Executive Director. “Mr. Ellison’s record on India over the last decade raises many concerns, but we believe that beginning a constructive dialogue between the Indian and Hindu American communities and Mr. Ellison are important first steps in realizing unity and inclusivity urgently needed today.”//


From the PRESS RELEASE by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), December 1, 2016

**Please reference the entire text at:

//New York, NY, December 1, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today said new information that has come to light since Rep. Keith Ellison’s announced candidacy for chair of the Democratic National Committee raises “serious doubts” about his ability to faithfully represent the party’s traditional support for Israel.

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO, issued the following statement:

When Rep. Ellison’s candidacy to be chair of the Democratic National Committee was first reported, ADL did not rush to judgment.  Instead, we took a hard look at the totality of his record on key issues on our agenda. We spoke to numerous leaders in the community and to Mr. Ellison himself. ADL’s subsequent statement on his candidacy appreciated his contrition on some matters, acknowledged areas of commonality but clearly expressed real concern where Rep. Ellison held divergent policy views, particularly related to Israel’s security.

New information recently has come to light that raises serious concerns about whether Rep. Ellison faithfully could represent the Democratic Party’s traditional support for a strong and secure Israel. In a speech recorded in 2010 to a group of supporters, Rep. Ellison is heard suggesting that American foreign policy in the Middle East is driven by Israel, saying: “The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right? When the Americans who trace their roots back to those 350 million get involved, everything changes.”

Rep. Ellison’s remarks are both deeply disturbing and disqualifying.  His words imply that U.S. foreign policy is based on religiously or national origin-based special interests rather than simply on America’s best interests. Additionally, whether intentional or not, his words raise the specter of age-old stereotypes about Jewish control of our government, a poisonous myth that may persist in parts of the world where intolerance thrives, but that has no place in open societies like the U.S. These comments sharply contrast with the Democratic National Committee platform position, which states: “A strong and secure Israel is vital to the United States because we share overarching strategic interests and the common values of democracy, equality, tolerance, and pluralism.”//


Additional background context and reading:

(1) Website of the Democratic National Committee; contact:

Committee Officer Elections FAQ:

(2) Information regarding the process of “Democratic National Committee chairmanship election, 2017”:,_2017

(3) “Cablegate Exposes the Real Face of Keith Ellison” (December 4, 2016), primary source information from Wikileak’s Cablegate:

(4) “Congress’s misguided crusade against India” (April 21, 2014):


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He came upon a place

As the New York Times dotes on the latest Israel basher, Rachel Kushner, we have to wonder if she and any of the authors writing about the plight of the Palestinian refugees even care that they’ve been pointing their fingers of blame in the wrong direction this whole time.  Would they be interested in writing the same stories if they had to tell the world that it was the Arabs — and not the Jews — who leave the Palestinians to languish in refugee camps?  That Rachel Kushner’s orphans have been set-up as the “armaments of … Arab nationalism” by the real perpetrators of this atrocity?

As the world turns its back on Israel at the U.N., do people even want to know that those running the show are the same who never wanted a peace settlement with Israel in the first place?  Do they want to know their beloved  Democrats are the ones who shook hands their hands and pushed the buttons in their ornate chambers … and thus set the plan in motion to throw Israel right under the bus?  That all of John Kerry’s holier-than-thou rants about the settlements as the obstacles to peace are just a huge smokescreen? Or is it just easier for everyone to turn their backs on truth … and put the world’s oldest scapegoat story back on repeat?

“The Israeli government systematically resettled all its refugees as part of its national-home policy. The Arab governments, with the assistance of the UN, kept the Arab refugees in camps …”


From “Issue 170: 60 Years Ago Today: UN Votes for Jewish and Arab States,” (UN Watch, November 29, 2007)

Once the UN partition vote was taken the Arabs were bent on destroying all the Jewish settlements and began to attack them immediately. Azzam Pasha, secretary-general of the Arab League, said on the radio: ‘This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre.’”

“The Jewish commanders were confident but their resources were small … By March 1948 over 1,200 Jews had been killed, half of them civilians, in Arab attacks … early in April Ben Gurion took what was probably the most difficult decision in his life. He ordered the Haganah on to the offensive to link up the various Jewish enclaves and to consolidate as much as possible of the territory allotted to Israel under the UN plan. The gamble came off almost completely … They established the core of the state of Israel and in effect won the war before it started.” (A History of the Jews, Paul Johnson)

From Wikileaks, Public Library of US Diplomacy, “Codel Pelosi April 5 Meeting with Majlis Al-Shura” (April 28, 2007); this cable was included in a series provided in the post “Rep. Keith Ellison: Cablegate” (December 1, 2016) and was also referenced in “Part II of Rep. Keith Ellison: Cablegate” (December 3, 2016)

“Ben Gurion read out the Scroll of Independence on Friday 14 May in the Tel Aviv museum. ‘By virtue of our national and intrinsic right,’ he “said, ‘and on the strength of the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, we hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state … Egyptian air raids began that night. The next day, simultaneously, the last British left and the Arab armies invaded. They made little difference, except in one respect. King Abdullah’s Arab Legion took the Old City of Jerusalem for him … By the close of the year the Israeli army was 100,000-strong, and properly equipped. It had established a military paramountcy in the area it has never since lost. Armistice talks were opened in Rhodes on 12 January 1949 and were signed with Egypt (14 February), Lebanon (23 March), Transjordan (3 April) and Syria (20 July). Iraq made no agreement at all, and the five Arab states remained in a formal state of war with Israel.” (continued from A History of the Jews, Paul Johnson)

From Wikileaks: Public Library of US Diplomacy, “Syria Update on Iraqi Refugees” (July 5, 2007)

“The events of 1947-8, which established Israel, also created the Arab-Israeli problem, which endures to this day. It has two main aspects, refugees and frontiers … According to UN figures, 656,000 Arab inhabitants of mandatory Palestine fled from Israeli-held territory … They left for four reasons: to avoid being killed in the fighting, because the administration had broken down, because they were ordered to or misled or panicked by Arab radio broadcasts, and because they were stampeded by an Irgun-Stern Gang massacre at the village of Deir Yassin on 9 April 1948 …”

“From 1920 until this point, the Jews had refrained from terrorist attacks on Arab settlements, though the innumerable Arab ones had sometimes provoked heavy-handed reprisals. When the fighting began in the winter of 1947-8, Deir Yassin, an Arab quarrying village of less than 1,000 people, made a non-aggression pact with the nearby Jerusalem suburb of Givat Shaul. But two Jewish settlements nearby were overrun and destroyed, and the Jewish desire for revenge was strong. The Stern Gang proposed to destroy Deir Yassin to teach the Arabs a lesson. A senior Irgun officer Yehuda Lapidot, testified: ‘The clear aim was to break Arab morale and raise the morale of the Jewish community in Jerusalem, which had been hit hard time after time, especially recently by the desecration of Jewish bodies which fell into Arab hands.’ Begin agreed to the operation but said a loudspeaker van must be used to give the villagers a chance to surrender without bloodshed …”

“The Syrian government is reluctant to vet large international organizations for work in Syria, suspecting that they are serving as conduits for spies from ‘Zionist organizations’…”


From Wikileaks: Public Library of US Diplomacy, “Syria Update on Iraqi Refugees” (July 5, 2007)

“It was at this point that the raiding force moved into the village and went out of control … News of this atrocity, in exaggerated form, spread quickly and undoubtedly persuaded many Arabs to flee over the next two months. There is no evidence that it was designed to have this effect. But in conjunction with the other factors it reduced the Arab population of the new state to a mere 160,000. That was very convenient.” (continued from A History of the Jews, Paul Johnson)

“… they did not want the refugees resettled because it meant the final disposal of a moral asset. As Cairo Radio put it: ‘The refugees are the cornerstone in the Arab struggle against Israel. The refugees are the armaments of the Arabs and Arab nationalism.’”

A “Palestinian” refugee speaks out:


from: (December 1, 2016)

“On the other hand, there were the Jews encouraged or forced to flee from Arab states where, in some cases, Jewish communities had existed for 2,500 years. In 1945 there were over 500,000 Jews living in the Arab world. Between the outbreak of the war on 15 May 1948 and the end of 1967, the vast majority had to take refuge in Israel: 252,642 from Morocco, 13,118 from Algeria, 46,255 from Tunisia, 34,265 from Libya, 37,867 from Egypt, 4,000 from Lebanon, 4,500 from Syria, 3,912 from Aden, 124,647 from Iraq and 46,447 from the Yemen. With a total of 567,654, Jewish refugees from Arab countries were thus not substantially smaller in number than Arab refugees from Israel.  The difference in their reception and treatment was entirely a matter of policy. The Israeli government systematically resettled all its refugees as part of its national-home policy. The Arab governments, with the assistance of the UN, kept the Arab refugees in camps, pending a reconquest of Palestine which never came. Hence, as a result of natural increase, there were more Arab refugees in the late 1980s than there had been forty years before.”

“This contrasting attitude towards refugees itself sprang from a fundamentally different approach towards negotiations. The Jews had been for two millennia an oppressed minority who had never possessed the option of force. They had therefore been habitually obliged to negotiate, often for bare existence, and nearly always from a position of great weakness. Over the centuries they had developed not merely negotiating skills but a philosophy of negotiation. They would negotiate against impossible odds, and they had learned to accept a negotiated status, however lowly and underprivileged, knowing that it could later be improved by further negotiations and their own efforts. The paramountcy of settlement, as opposed to force, was built into their very bones. That was one reason they found it so difficult, even when the evidence became overwhelming, to take in the magnitude of Hitler’s evil: it was hard for them to comprehend a man who wanted no settlement at all with them, just their lives.”

“…about the arrival of Iraq Palestinians … Syrian officials … made it clear that the matter must remain quiet, given Syria’s policy of denying entry to additional Iraq Palestinians …”


From Wikileaks: Public Library of US Diplomacy, “Syria Update on Iraqi Refugees” (July 5, 2007); note (1): UNRWA is an organization that provides assistance to Palestinian refugees; they have an official partnership with the U.S. (via the US Dept. of State) who (in addition to other partners) provides funding to and oversight for their efforts. UNRWA recently came under scrutiny (as they have in the past) for their use of textbooks (used in Palestinian Authority and UNRWA schools) which were found to contain materials that demonized and promoted incitement against Israel and Jews. These materials are part of the institutionalized indoctrination to which Palestinian children are subjected within educational systems that encourage hate and incitement against Israel, its people and its allies; note (2): The director noted that “some 350 Iraq Palestinians … made their way to New Delhi, possibly through Armenia with the assistance of human smugglers.” However, the diplomatic cable does not note the government of India among the recipients of the cable, so it is unclear if India’s leadership was made aware of the details related to the refugees being smuggled into New Delhi.

“The Arabs, by contrast, were a conquering race whose sacred writings both inspired and reflected a maximalist position towards other peoples, the despised dhimmi. The very concept of negotiation towards a final settlement was to them a betrayal of principle. A truce, an armistice might be necessary and was acceptable because it preserved the option of force for use later. A treaty, on the other hand, appeared to them a kind of surrender. That was why they did not want the refugees resettled because it meant the final disposal of a moral asset. As Cairo Radio put it: ‘The refugees are the cornerstone in the Arab struggle against Israel. The refugees are the armaments of the Arabs and Arab nationalism.’  Hence they rejected the 1950 UN plan for resettlement without discussion. Over the subsequent quarter century they refused even to receive repeated Israeli proposals for compensation. The result was disastrous for the refugees themselves and their progeny. It was a source of instability for the Arab states also.” (continued from A History of the Jews, Paul Johnson)




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